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Our computer lab is fully equipped and well maintained with uninterrupted power backup and internet facility. Computer is taught as a compulsory subject to the students of all classes. Availability of internet connection facilitates the students in keeping their knowledge up-to-date and connects the students with all important links world wide.

A child can do a thing any number of times because practice is fun. The computer provides such fun situation Very spacious, Airy Well Ventilated Labs with well furnished and designed furniture is available for junior and senior students. Highly qualified teacher are available to teach and guide these students.


In physics lab students conduct various practical activities given in their curriculum and beyond. Our Physics Lab is fully equipped according to the guideline provided by the CBSE.


The fire proof Chemistry lab of the school is an example of an ideal chemistry lab. Here our students deal with different chemicals and their properties with hope of becoming leading scientists of the world.


The Bio Lab of the school has been designed strictly according to the guideline of CBSE. Students perform various practical activities in the lab and learn the things by doing them practically.

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