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To be invited as principal for GYAN STHALI ACADEMY SCHOOL, AURAIYA-where education and nurturing of children is going to be world class, is indeed a challenge than an opportunity. As a “president Award” recipient for valuable contribution in the field of school education, this is my firm belief that each child is special and unique, we have to appreciate and tactically guide them to build upon their strength, mean while, we need to be patient with their weakness, teaching them skills individually to overcome and deal with problems effectively. .

In the GYAN STHALI family our earnest Endeavour will be to equip our learners with the comprehensive life skills, which enable them to excel in every stage of life. The extensive designed curriculum is developed enough to enhance their academic as well as co-scholastic needs as an educator having vast experience of working in various school including Kendriya Vidyalaya, Novodaya Vidyalaya, Rashtriya Indian Military College(RIMC) Dehradun and Prestigious Public School in different capacities, it has always been my personal philosophy to embrace and endorse the fact that the world would be benefitted enormously from brilliant creative mind, who are compassionate, caring, good human beings who care more about making a positive contribution to humanity, rather than seeking purely to materialistic personal advancement.

It is my earnest request to each parent to take keen interest in your child’s school life, in whatever stage your child is in, keep the channel of communication open, encourage them at every step and reward positive developments.

I sincerely believe that our combined efforts will empower our children to carve a niche for themselves. Future of nation needs tender care in positive motivated environment for overall growth which is provided to your young siblings in
GYAN STHALI ACADEMY SCHOOL-committed to quality education.

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